• Receive High Resolution HDR Images of Your Property 

           *aerials included with every photo shoot at no additional charge.


Image Count: 

  • 15 Images for Homes Under 1,500 Sqft.
  • 25 Images for Homes Under 2,500 Sqft.
  • 35 Images for Homes Under 3,500 Sqft.
  • 45 Images for Homes Above 3,500 Sqft.


Take your property's media to the next level with HDR images. When compared to regular JPEGs, HDR photography provides more depth, color and contrast, ultimately making your property look the best it can be. In order to achieve this look we take five images at five different exposures and then overlay them together to bring out each detail of your property! Give us a call to learn more about the process!


  • Receive a Ultra HD Video with Music Overlay

    *Aerial Footage included with every video shoot at no additional charge


Video Length: 

  • 1-2 Minutes for Homes Under 1,500 Sqft.
  • 2-4 Mintues for Homes Under 2,500 Sqft.
  • 3-4 Minutes for Homes Under 3,500 Sqft.
  • 3+Minutes for Homes Above 3,500 Sqft.


Videos are worth the extra effort. By giving potential home buyers more content to engage with, they are more likely to be enticed by your listing and not skip it over. Along with this, utilizing technology such as drones and sliders, In-Gear Media creates powerful, alluring videos which give buyers a real sense of the property.


  • Immersive Virtual Tour:


Different than a standard virtual tour, In-Gear Media's Immersive Virtual Tours take touring a home online to the next level. Not only will you recieve a virtual tour, but also multiple detailed, high resolution images that highlight the fit and finish of the home rather than just the size of the space. These images then get embedded into the virtual tour so your clients can take a closer look at the space all from he comfort of their own home. Check out the difference between the two types of tours below!


Immersive Virtual Tour:



Virtual Tour:


Prestige Real Estate Package

$750.00 Regular Price
$675.00Sale Price
  • Cancellations/Rescheduling must be made 48 hours in advance. Otherwise a non refundable 50% fee will be charged.


    * All media is guaranteed to be delivered to client within 72 - hours from scheduled date of service.

    * Safe flying conditions are required for all remote piloting which is based on the discretion of the pilot onsite.

    * Our remote pilots are required to obey FAA regulations and legally be able to fly. Certain airspaces are under regulation by the FAA and considered no fly zones. Our remote pilots are not able to fly under any circumstances in these airspaces.

    * Cancellations/ Rescheduling must be made 48 hours in advance. Otherwise a non refundable 50% fee will be charged.

    * All homes shall be shot as is on the date and time scheduled. We don’t want to waste your time or ours so we follow the 90-second rule. This ensures the property looks its best and the job is being done in a timely matter.

    * Onsite delays caused by individuals during the scheduled time of shoot will be billed at photographers rate.

    * Tardiness by any individuals preventing the shoot from starting at the scheduled time will force a cancelation of the shoot after 20 minutes past scheduled start time.

    * Reasonable edits after final project can be accommodated for, but extensive work will be billed accordingly.