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Founded in 2019, and based in Gig Harbor, WA, In-Gear Media has been a resource for businesses of all sizes to navigate the ever changing digital retail and marketing space. With collaboration at the core of our mission we are able to provide a comprehensive approach for all things digital marketing and media. Not only does our content team work at the same table as our ad buying team, but they're both involved during campaign strategy meetings with clients. This increased communication ultimately allows each of our clients to produce a stronger, more consistent and on brand message than ever before. Whether it is through branded graphic design, creative video production, strategic ad campaigns or professional photography, IGM has you covered. 




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Looking for a staged and professional location to create videos, podcasts or pictures for your business? Do you need a content creation team to turn your visions into reality? With over 2,000 square feet of content creating workspace, IGM Studios has all the tools and talent your business needs to create top of the line content that meets all your needs. 

Along with being traditionally trained within studio settings, the IGM content team is trained outside of our studios to bring the set directly to you! Whether you are looking to create content in your businesses location, a special off-site spot, or in a studio setting, we have you covered. 


What our brand partners have to say

Great guys to work with! Very professional, they think ahead when it comes to all the small details. Exactly what we needed for our social media presence and advertisements.

Bekah D.


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